Multiple Sclerosis - MedImage Cases App Reviews

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See previous review "Fail!". Takes forever to download heavy data cases then requires registration then crashes. Terrible disappointment

Good intentions by crashes

It seems like this app would have great purpose, but it crashes at the registration page and never actually opens!

Totally PIS

This app has totally screwed my iPad! Won't work, but CANNOT DELETE!! Every time I try to delete, I tap the x and it starts blinking whole row of app on and off. X's will NOT go away. Cannot do ANYTHING until I do a hard reset.


Upon opening this app it downloads 47 cases, which takes a very long time, THEN the app informs you that you must register to use the app. (After waiting so long for the download, I decided to register -- or tried to.) After registering the app crashes and takes you back to downloading again. After the re-download the app does not recognize my login. I attempted this three times then gave up. I am deleting the app after looking in usage settings and discovering that this ~1MB app has now added nearly a GIGABYTE of data to my ipod touch. (Data which I have never seen because the app does not work.) Maybe the app was functional at some point but I highly recommend that you not waste your time installing unless the developer posts an update with massive bug fixes.

Great App for education and evaluation

This is a great app! there are several different things you could take from this app. not only do I have MS, I am also a nurse who has many unanswered questions. this app really helped me with these questions and the images that are shown are also very helpful. The physician is very easily understood and speaks at a reasonable pace. Also great for CME's!!

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